Craft Ideas for the Armor of God?

Q. I am looking for a craft activity for pre-schoolers relating to wearing the armor of God. I had an idea of using card-board cutouts and clothing them with tinfoil armor. Do you have any other ideas?

A. Your idea is good. You could divide the class up and have different teams work together on different pieces (breastplate, shield, greaves, helm). As an object lesson you could allow one person from each team to use the armor and the others can throw cotton balls (or something else soft) at them. Have the students use the armor to deflect these attacks to demonstrate what armor is used for.

Another idea would be to get a big appliance box (sometimes stores will let you take them). Cut a whole at head height, and have the class draw and decorate a set of armor around it (you can still use foil to decorate). Then you can take pictures of each child standing with their face in the “helmet” with their armor on.

Oriental trading has a $10 set of armor. They also have decorate it yourself swords and shields.

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Anyone else have some ideas to share?

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These tips on the Armor are appreciated.We are going to use them in our end of year Sunday School programme.thanx!!

We posted a coloring picture for the armor of God that doubles as a craft. The kids can coloring & cut out the pieces before gluing them to the figure.

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