Inspiring Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm- the word literally means to be inspired by God. What works best for teaching is when instructors and teachers are the living example of enthusiasm, because; if we don’t seem interested in our lesson who will be? You can sense enthusiasm for God’s word in a winning instructor and you can feel there inspiration. Enthusiasm begins and grows with good leadership in the presbytery. There is a four part formula for enthusiasm and it is as follows:
1. Inspire Curiosity
2. Spark Interest
3. Gain Knowledge- the more you know the more you grow”
4. Have Faith

Which is of course good advise for all walks of Christian life.
special thanks to Brother Roy Beasley for providing content.

Previous Comments include:
Love what you said here. I htink it all comes from preparation and allowing God to work the word in you first..your life. I have taught adults and kids for 25 years. The best lessons are those that you have loved and allowed God to work in you as I said before. When that happens, when you have allowed God to work hs word in you first during the week you teach passionately from your heart from just from your head. Kids or adults sense it and sparks enthusiasm and breaks down barriers when they see I have lived the word and go through things just like them.
Anyway, agree with you 100% .

Great Idea about enthusiasm and being an example. i was once a sunday school teacher and your advices are really useful for them. not just for them but for everyone. thanks for sharing.

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