Object Lesson: Spreading the Word

We used dominoes to demonstrate how the Word spreads from person to person. First each student got a sticker to draw a person on. Then they attached the stickers to a domino (the black dominoes in the photo). We spread out a map-styled tablecloth, and had them place their people dominoes around the map. Then we gave them more dominoes, and told them to reach all the stickers using a domino chain.

Discussion Points:

  • The word spreads faster when one person (or domino) tells two, who tells two, who tells two…
  • It isn’t always easy to get to far places, but it is possible
  • Working together to build the chain is a lot like how the church functions – a lot of very different people do their parts to accomplish a big goal
  • Sometimes we get flustered with each other, when one person’s mistake takes down a long line of dominoes. Working in groups is always like that, and we need to develop forgiveness and love to cover those moments.

It was tough, but eventually they did it. We took video of the big payoff and posted it on the church Facebook page so they could show their families.

Author: SSSadmin

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