Review: Bible Bingo Box Set

Bible Bingo by Lucy Hammet Games is a boxed Bible Bingo set including 8.5 x 11 card stock Bingo cards, a deck of playing card sized Call Cards with information on the back regarding each image, and green tokens to mark the cards. The original artwork is classical with a touch of whimsy. Available in 6, 18 or 24 player editions (look for teachers’ editions). A good product with appeal to a wide range of ages. The images included range from Old Testament to New Testament people, places and things.

FYI: it may matter to some users that images include Christmas, Trinity, images of Jesus (with longer hair), baptism (showing immersion), angels (depicted as female with wings), a Minister in robes, and a missionary.

Age Range: the box says 3 and up. My daughter enjoyed the game at 3 years of age and has no problem matching and remembering the pictures.

Pros: There is good information on the call cards, which can be used for instruction. All the printed material is on sturdy card stock, and the box has instructions and ideas on the back.

Cons: The font is cursive, and may be challenging for new readers.

Where to Buy: Buy directly from the maker at from

Disclosure: I was provided a free (6) card set to evaluate to see if I wanted to sell them on my site. I was not asked to link to the seller, or paid to review the product; that was my idea. I only chose not to sell them myself because I don’t carry any inventory but my own.

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