Superhero Tag

Only requires an open field or playground.

Let each child choose a superhero to play as. For example, if someone wants to be Wolverine, let them have two lives to represent his superpower, regeneration. Try to make all powers as equal as possible, and able to be used during a normal game of tag. If some children want, they can be a villain with an equal superpower. (Anything to keep them happy!) Add a cooldown to their power as well, to keep the game fair. Something like 30 seconds should be fine.

Once everyone has a power, let them begin the game in the field or playground. Help them choose who will be it first. They will enjoy pretending to be their superhero/villain and use their ‘powers’. If you plan on playing this game more than once, feel free to write down all the children roles and powers on a paper or in a notebook.

written by Kim’s daughter, (anonymous), 11

Author: SSSadmin

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