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Art Projects

Some students learn best by doing. Have students complete an art project over the course of a class. Let them choose what kind: a mural, model, play-doh sculpture, costume, collage, monologue, song, etc. Have an exhibition at the end of the study, inviting family and church members. Let students know early that this will happen for motivation.

Stretch paper across a wall and add a scene to the mural each class period. Younger kids can draw stick people or cut out pictures you provide and paste them into scenes.

Book Make an illustrated book depicting a story for a younger class. Cut pictures from magazines or draw them.
Video Make a video of students reciting memory verses and playing out a story. Film a little each time and show the video at the end of the series. (See Hand Motion Stories)
Mobile Make mobiles of pictures from the story. OR Have students draw out the scenes of a story on 3x5 cards. Hang the cards vertically in order, with the title of the lesson on top. Use later for review of that lesson.
Newspaper Have students write articles and draw "photographs" for a newspaper covering the lesson. Include a crossword puzzle, or even cartoons relating to the lesson.
Songbook Illustrate a song with pictures from magazines and make into a book the class can sing from. (I use a song book in my class that I helped make when I was in Sunday School!)
Game Have students design a board game for review questions. Have them determine the rules and make the board.
Coloring When you don't have a coloring page that fits, trace a flannel graph; trace a coloring page from another story or a coloring book, adapting it to your lesson; have students draw freehand about the story; use stencils to help younger kids illustrate the lesson.
Web Page Have students help design a web page with links to information on a chosen topic and original content.
Greeting Cards For lessons that have to do with encouragement, kindness, or helping the sick, have the students make cards for sick members of the congregation.

   free sunday school lessons



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