Images Used in the
Books of the Bible Flash Cards

I have had several requests for the reasoning behind the images used in the Flash Cards. Overall, I am trying to remain consistent with the trading cards, using the same image set and using the same images if a person is represented in both. For example, the books 1 and 2 Timothy use the same image as the trading card for Timothy.

Some of the New Testament letters feature characters that Paul met when in that city. When I did not already have a trading card for a person represented by a book, I chose a new graphic in the same style.

New Testament

Any book author who had a trading card uses the same image.

Acts: the baptism of the Ethiopian Eunuch
1 & 2 Corinthians: Aquila and Priscila were tentmakers
Ephesians: Demetrius the silversmith lived in Ephesus
Philippians: the Philippian Jailor
Hebrews: a patriarchal altar
1 & 2 Peter: Peter healing the blind man
Revelation: the lamb of God

Old Testament

Any book author who had a trading card uses the same image.

Genesis: the flood
Exodus: burning bush
Leviticus: the priestly traditions
Numbers: a census of all people
Deuteronomy: Moses and the tablets
Judges: Gideon
1 & 2 Chronicles: the many fights of the Israelites
Nehemiah: worked at building the wall around Jerusalem
Psalms: David
Ezekiel: the vision of the bones
Hosea: Hosea with Gomer

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