Ananias & Sapphira
To Remember: You can't fool God

Discussion:  When you plants seeds, do you know what plants will come up? Of course. Whatever seed you plant, that’s what will grow. God says our actions are like seeds. If you do good things, then good will come from it. If we do bad things, bad will come from it. You can’t plant weeds and get vegetables. You can’t do bad and be rewarded from God.

Write the words of the memory verse on the back of Miracle seeds cards. Flip them over one at a time as students recite them, making them fill in the holes of the flipped words.

True or False Honest or Fake
1) Barnabas’ gift to the apostles (honest)
2) Ananias gift (fake)
3) Sapphira’s answer to Peter (fake)
4) The apostles helping Christians. (honest)
5) Ananias & Sapphira wanting to look generous (fake)

Memory Work:
Galations 6:7 Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. (Don’t be deceived; you can’t fool God. You harvest what you plant.)
I Samuel 16:7 b “God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

We are transparent to God. Give each child a 3x5 white card. Have them draw a heart and write their names on the card with white crayon. Have the students mix up the cards. Discuss how we can’t see which card is which. But God can. Take a marker and color over the cards. Each name will show up. Explain that God can see what we cannot. We can’t see each other’s hearts, but God can.

Review Questions for gameboard
 linguistic questions
1) What does it mean to be honest? (to be truthful, not deceptive)
2) Name five apostles
3) God is not ____________. (mocked)

  activity questions
1) Act out Peter questioning Sapphira.
2) Draw a coin
3) Sing a verse from “I want to be a worker for the Lord”

  emotion questions
1) What feelings led Barnabas to help his fellow Christians? Sympathy, compassion, kindness
2) What feelings motivated Ananias and Sapphira to give? Jealousy, envy, desire to be popular
3) What feeling did Peter feel toward Anania & Sapphira? Anger, pity

application questions
1) Why should we help others? God helped us, God loves them
2) Can we deceive God? No
3) Is it important to be popular? no

fact questions
1) Were all the Christians required to sell property and give money? No
2) Who was helped with the money? Christians
3) What happened to Ananias & Sapphira? God struck them dead

review questions
1) Who did Barnabas give his money to? The apostles
2) Why were the apostles accepting money? To help needy Christians
3) Who gave the needy Christians money? The apostles