Peter and John Heal a Lame Man
To Remember:  Jesus still works in our lives today
         lame: unable to walk

Lesson   Acts 3:1-10

Discussion: Have each student describe a time when they shared with others. Talk about how it felt good.

True or False
1)     The new Christians stayed to themselves. F
2)     The apostles gave the lame man some money. F
3)     Jesus healed the lame man. T
4)     No one realized a miracle had been done. F
5)     The lame man praised God. T
Memory Work
Acts 3:9 Act out the memory verse: And all the people saw him walking and praising God.
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)
 linguistic questions
1)     Define lame. Unable to walk
2)     Spell temple.
3)     What book and Chapter is this lesson from? Acts 3
  activity questions
1)     Act out the lame man leaping and walking for the first time.
2)     Locate the temple on a map of Jerusalem.
3)     Draw a gate.
  emotion questions
1)     How did lame man feel after being healed? Excited, thankful
2)     How did the crowd respond? They were amazed and listened to Peter and John
3)     How did new Christians feel about each other? They spent time together and took care of each other.
application questions
1)     How should we treat fellow Christians? We should look out for them and share
2)     Who makes things happen in our lives today? Jesus
3)     What is the proper response to blessing? Thanksgiving and praise
fact questions
1)     What time was the man healed? 3 o’clock
2)     What miracle was performed? A man who could never walk was healed.
3)     Where was the miracle performed? The temple gate called beautiful
review questions
1)     What did the lame ask the apostles for? Money
2)     What did the apostles give the lame man? Health
3)     What motivated the new Christians to share? Love and common heart