Joseph's Brothers Bring Benjamin to Egypt

(Genesis 42:25-38; 43:1-34)            Review Activities for this Lesson

NARRATOR: Joseph gave orders for his brothers’ sacks to be filled with grain, for their money to be put in their sacks, and for them to be given food for their trip home. After all this was done, they loaded the grain on their donkeys and left.

THE BROTHERS [back in Canaan, speaking to Jacob]: The governor of Egypt was rude and treated us like spies. But we told him, “We’re honest men, not spies. We come from a family of twelve brothers. The youngest is still with our father in Canaan, and the other is dead.” Then he told us, “Leave one of your brothers here with me, while you take the grain to your starving families. But bring your youngest brother to me, so I can be certain that you are honest men and not spies. After that, I’ll let your other brother go free, and you can stay here and trade.”

THE BROTHERS [while opening their sacks of grain]: Here’s our moneybags!

JACOB: I won’t let Benjamin go down to Egypt with the rest of you. Joseph is already dead, and he is the only son I have left. I am an old man, and if anything happens to him on the way, I’ll die from sorrow, and all of you will be to blame.

NARRATOR: The famine got worse and Jacob’s family had eaten all the grain the brothers brought from Egypt.

JACOB: Go back to Egypt and buy some more grain.

JUDAH: We will only go and buy grain if you let us take Benjamin along! Let Benjamin go with me, and I will promise to bring him back safely.

JACOB: If Benjamin must go with you, take gifts for the governor. Also take along twice the amount of money for the grain, because there must have been some mistake when the money was put back in your sacks.

JOSEPH [to his servants]: Take these men to my house so they can eat with me at noon. Give them water to wash their feet and take care of their donkeys.

NARRATOR: When Joseph came home, his brothers gave him the gifts they had brought and bowed down to him.

JOSEPH: How are you? What about your elderly father? Is he still alive?

BROTHERS: Your servant our father is still alive and well.

JOSEPH: This must be your youngest brother. God bless you, my son.

NARRATOR: Joseph rushed off to his room and cried because of his love for Benjamin. When he came back, he was served at a table by himself and his brothers were served at another. They were surprised when they were seated in front of him according to their ages, from the oldest to the youngest. They were served food from Joseph’s table, and Benjamin was given five times as much as each of the others.

Answer the following questions about today’s story:
1. Why do you think Joseph had his brothers’ money put in their sacks?
2. Why were the brothers afraid when they saw the money in their sacks?
3. What did Reuben say Jacob could do if anything happened to Benjamin?
4. Why did Joseph’s brothers return to Egypt?
5. What did the brothers bring with them to Egypt?
6. What did Joseph ask his brothers?
7. Why did Joseph cry?

Text by Jerri Fusch, used here with the kind permission of the author. Users are free to reproduce for use, but not for publication.