Israel Demands a King

To Remember: God always knows what's best for us.

King: a ruler who answers to no one
Lesson Outline  Lesson Text
Israel wanted a king. They were turning against God himself instead of Samuel. Someday they would be sorry, but they would have to learn that the hard way. For now, though, God would not just turn his people over to another human being, even if he were a king.
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1 Samuel 7-8
  • Samuel's sons were unfair, and took bribes rather than make honest decisions
  • The people decided they needed a king, since all the nations around them had kings
  • Samuel was very upset, and asked God what to do
  • God told Samuel they were rejecting God as their leader, not Samuel
  • God said to give them what they wanted, even though it was not the best decision
  • Samuel warned Israel that a king would take their things and use their children
  • Israel still wanted to be like everyone else
Discussion: Ever heard the expression, "The grass is always greener on the other side"? What does it mean? The Israelites felt that the other nations were better off because they had a man as their ruler. They wanted to be like everyone else. Have you ever wanted to fit it, without actually considering what changing would mean? If you are surrounded by dirty people, is it worth getting dirty just to fit in? Israel was "getting dirty" by depending on a man more than God. Why did God give them a King, then? Because they had already turned away from Him.

King Demands vs. God Demands- print out the linked pages. The first page is the activity board. The second page has graphics. Cut the graphics into separate pieces. Have the students put the items the God said a king would demand on the "King demands" side of the game board. Sort the things God demands from us on the "God demands" side of the game board.  Discuss the differences.

Memory Work: 1 Sam 8:7 "And the Lord said to Samuel, "Heed the voice of the people in all that they say to you; for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them.

"This is my Father's World"

Review Questions
for gameboard

linguistic questions

  1. What is a king? a ruler who answers to no one
  2. What were Samuel's sons named? Joel and Abijah
  3. What did the judges do? decide between right and wrong - deliver Israel from enemies

activity questions

  1. Act out the Israelites wanting a king.
  2. Quickly sketch a king's crown.
  3. Point to the land of the Philistines on a map.

 emotion questions

  1. How did Samuel feel when the Israelites told him they didn't want judges anymore? angry and hurt
  2. How did God feel when the Israelites said they wanted a king? rejected, angry, betrayed
  3. Why did the Israelites want a king? everyone else had one

 application questions

  1. Name a situation when it is better NOT to be like everyone else. (when others are being rebellious, taking drugs, disobedient)
  2. What authorities has God placed between you and Him for your good? (parents, teachers, elders, government)
  3. When we reject our parents' authority, who are we rebelling against other than them? (God, because he gave them their authority)

fact questions

  1. The Israelites had rejected _____ when they wanted a king. (God)
  2. Who was ruling Israel before they had a king?  (God through the judges)
  3. What army was threatening Israel at this time? (Philistines)

review questions

  1. Whose behavior encouraged the Israelites to seek leadership from men? the sons of Samuel were unfair, so Israel turned away from them
  2. How did God defeat Israel's enemies? (with miracles)
  3. How does a king defeat enemies? (with armies made up of the people's youth)