David Becomes King

To Remember: David’s attitude toward his enemies

Lesson     2 Samuel 1-5
  • David mourns over Saul and Jonathon. 2 Sam. 1:12
    • David writes a song for him
  • David asks God for guidance 2 Sam. 2:1
  • Anointed King of Judah 2 Sam. 2:4
  • Abner makes Ishbosheth King of Israel 2 Sam. 2:8,9
    • There was much fighting, but never started by David.
    • David grieved over all the killing.
  • David welcomes Abner’s attempt at peace. 2 Sam. 3:17,20
    • Joab was suspicious 2 Sam. 3:26 and kills him.
  • David is made King in Israel. 2 Sam. 5:6,7
  • David succeeded against his enemies and built himself a home.
Activity: Add to the good and bad points David on his chart. David is a peacemaker, grieves for his enemies, and does not force Israel to submit to him.

Sing: Trust and Obey (discuss David’s patience for God’s promises)

Worksheet: David's People Matching Page

Memory Work:

2 Samuel 5:10 "And David became greater and greater, because the Lord God of heaven was with him."

True or False
  1. David rejoiced at Saul’s death. F
  2. All Israel accepted David as King immediately. F
  3. David became King in God’s time. T
  4. Abner knew God choose David. T
  5. Jerusalem became known as the city of God. F
  6. David was always ready to forgive. T
Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions
  1. Read Matthew 5:9
  2. Recite the memory verse.
  3. Name 3 characteristics of David.
  activity questions
  1. Role play Ishbosheth reciting why he should be king.
  2. Put the first 10 books of the OT in order
  3. Follow the leader: be David and lead your men once around the room.
  emotion questions
  1. How did David feel when his enemies were killed?
  2. How did Joab feel about Abner?
  3. How did Abner and Ishbosheth feel and David?
application questions
  1. How should we feel when our enemies are hurting?
  2. If someone wants to make peace with us, how should we act?
  3. Should we try to "make" God’s promises happen?
fact questions
  1. Who killed Abner?
  2. How long was David King of just Judah?
  3. What city did David make his capitol?
  4. What book is our lesson from?
review questions
  1. Why didn’t David force Israel to submit?
  2. Why didn’t Joab trust Abner?
  3. Why didn’t Israel accept David immediately?
  4. What accusations could never be made against David?