David and Goliath

To Remember: When God is on our side, we need nothing else

Lesson     1 Samuel 16-18

Lesson Text:
The very sight of Goliath struck fear in the hearts of Israel’s soldiers. Every morning and every evening for forty days, he roared across the valley, “Why have you not come out to line up for battle?” Choose a man for yourselves...if he is able to fight with me and kill me, then we will be your servants. But if I kill him, then you shall be our servants.”
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  • Saul is still King, but God has rejected him and chosen David. 16:1
  • God sends Samuel to anoint the new king.
  • Of Jesse's 7 sons, he chooses the smallest and youngest. 13:14
  • God looks on the inside demo: bring a geode and compare the outside to the inside.
  • David was a shepherd who defended his sheep with God's help 16:7
  • David was a musician who wrote songs of praise to God. 16:16
    • Define psalm: Sing one from your song book
  • David challenges Goliath and defeats him 17:45
  • At first Saul is happy to have David around, but quickly becomes jealous of him 18:7 Eventually he tries to kill him.
  • But through it all, David behaved himself wisely. 18:14
Sing: Only a little boy David, Big and Small, David and the Giant (click links for lyrics)

Activity: Add to Saul's Good/Bad Chart - Good: encouraged young David in fighting Goliath, rewarded David for his helpful music Bad: jealous of David's popularity, violent, afraid of Goliath

Activity: Make a chart for David: Good: brave, faithful, humble, wise, obedient, persistent, gave God the glory

Craft: make hand lambs, like David would shepherd. Outline student's hands on black construction paper with chalk. Turn the hand upside down. Glue cotton balls onto the lamb and draw an eye, ear, and tail.

Activity: Have students write down a fear of theirs on a slip of paper. Then have them wad up the paper and throw at a doll or you. Then prepare a shield of Faith and protect the doll or you from the fears. Discuss.

Activity: If your room is big enough, mark on the wall a spot 9' high. Then mark a spot about 5' high. Have the students stand up against the marks to see how tall they are against David and Goliath.

Memory Work:
1 Sam 17:45 "You come to me with a sword and a spear, but I come to you in the name of the Lord God.
True or False
1. David never faced difficult dangers before. F
2. Samuel assumed the oldest of Jesse's sons would be chosen. T
3. David bragged to Saul about being chosen as the next King. F
4. Goliath was stronger than God. F
5. Saul's jealousy was out of control. T

Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions
1. Define psalm. A song of praise to God
2. Define jealousy. Disliking someone because they have or are something you wish you had or were.
3. Practice the memory verse.

  activity questions
1. Sing the Lord is my Shepherd
2. Re-enact the killing of Goliath
3. Put the first 10 books of the OT in order.

  emotion questions
1. How did Goliath feel when David approached?
2. How did the Philistines feel when Goliath fell?
3. How did Saul feel when David won?
4. How did Saul feel when the people praised David?

application questions
1. Will God protect us? yes
2. How do we avoid being jealous? be thankful for what we have
3. What does God judge in men? the heart
4. In what way is God our shepherd? he leads and we follow. He takes us to safe places
5. How can we tell what a person is like inside? how they act and what they say, over a period of time and in different situations

fact questions

1. Who was too scared to face Goliath?  all the other Israelite soldiers, including Saul
2. What had God done for David that cause David to trust in Him? saved him from the lion and the bear
3. What did David use to defeat Goliath? stones in a sling

review questions
1. Why was the Kingship taken from Saul? Saul did not completely obey God, but compromised to please the people
2. Who did Samuel assume would be chosen? The eldest of Jesse's sons
3. What was more important to Saul than God's opinion? the heart of the man