Saul's End

To Remember: Lying Makes Life Harder

Lesson     1 Samuel 27-31

  • David flees to Philistia 1 Sam. 27:1
    • Point Out: Ziklag on a map
  • David raids Israel's enemies, but lies about it  1 Sam. 27:11
    • Discussion Point: Would God have protected David from Saul? Can David deceive Achish forever?
  • Philistia wars against Israel & David acts like he'll go.
  • Saul is scared and consults a witch
    • 1 Sam 28:9,10 Saul breaks his own law
    • 1 Sam. 28:15-19 (read aloud) Samuel tells him the same thing he told him while alive. The only new information he has is his impending death.
  • Philistines don't trust David Achish sends him back 1 Sam. 30:5
    • Point Out: Battlefield on a map
    • David's "narrow escape" turns into sadness when he gets home
  • David finds Ziklag raided 1 Sam. 30:3
    • David asks God for advice 30:8
    • Finds an Egyptian to lead them to Amalekites
    • Defeats the enemy 1 Sam. 30:17,19 and shares spoil with all his men and even with Judah.
  • Saul is struck in battle and fears capture 1 Sam. 31:2
    • His armor bearer won't kill him, since he's the king.
    • Saul kills himself
    • Although Saul and his sons were found dead by the enemy, heroes retrieved their bodies for burial.
Activity: Add to the good and bad points of Saul and David on their charts.

Sing: Lord's Army

Memory Work:

1 Samuel 28:18 "Because you did not obey the voice of the Lord, and did not carry out his fierce wrath against Amalek, therefore the Lord has done this thing to you today."

True or False
  1. David went to Philistia because God couldn't protect him in Judah.   F
  2. David attacked Judah.   F
  3. Achish trusted David.       T
  4. The other Philistine lords trusted David.       F
  5. Saul wanted to know if God was with him.        T
  6. Saul broke his own laws to find out.         T
  7. Jonathon survived the battle.           F
Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions
  1. Name 2 cities mentioned in the lesson.
  2. What book is this lesson from?
  3. Name 2 kings mentioned in the lesson.
  activity questions
  1. Find Endor on a map.
  2. Act out the problem of Saul's armor-bearer.
  3. Find Ziklag on a map.
  emotion questions
  1. What feelings drive David to Philistia?
  2. How did David feel when Ziklag was attacked?
  3. How was Saul feeling before the battle?
  4. How would Achish have felt if he found out David was lying to him?
application questions
  1. Does God change his mind about our behavior? Did he change his mind about Saul's disobedience?
  2. Did Saul gain anything from the witch?
  3. Did lying make David's life easier or harder?
fact questions
  1. Which king trusted David?
  2. Where did the witch live?
  3. Where did David live?
  4. What nation attacked Ziklag?
  5. Who was captured by the Amalekites?
review questions
  1. Did David ever fight a battle against Saul?
  2. Did Johnathon ever betray his father?
  3. Did Samuel's spirit tell Saul anything he hadn't told him when alive?