Paul Reaches Ephesus

To Remember
  • Honest hearts will accept the truth, false hearts will not.
  • The work and teaching of the Lord  produces praise and faith in his people.
  • Lesson Acts 18:22-19:22

    Object Lesson Activity: Spreading the Word

    We used dominoes to demonstrate how the Word spreads from person to person. First each student got a sticker to draw a person on. Then they attached the stickers to a domino (the black dominoes in the photo). We spread out a map-styled tablecloth, and had them place their people dominoes around the map. Then we gave them more dominoes, and told them to reach all the stickers using a domino chain.
    See video, photos and discussion points on the blog!

    Acts 18:24-28 Apollos taught by Aquilla and Priscilla
    • What didn't Aquilla and Priscilla do?
      • They didn't humiliate Apollos in front of the crowd.
      • They didn't reject Apollos as an evil person and refuse to deal with him.
    • What did Aquilla and Priscilla do?
      • They spoke to Apollos privately.
      • They taught Apollos, who had an open heart to the truth.
      • They worked together to teach Apollos more of the truth.
      • The entire congregation encouraged Apollos in his work and encouraged other congregations to support him as well.
    • What were the consequences?
      • Apollos learned the full truth.
      • Apollos was able to use his talent and boldness to teach others the truth.
    • What could've happened if Aquilla and Priscilla had acted differently?
      • Had they rejected him, he wouldn't have learned the full truth and would have taught others the same.
      • Had they treated him harshly, he might have never been able to teach others the truth.
    Acts 19:1-7 Paul met disciples who had not been baptized in the name of Christ, and knew nothing about the Holy Spirit. He baptized them into Christ and laid their hands upon them.

    Acts 19:8-10 Paul taught for two years at Tyrannus' auditorium "so that all the residents of Asia, both Jews and Geeks, heard the word of the Lord."

    Acts 19:11-12 Paul's miracles healed many.

    Acts 19:13-17 The seven sons of Sceva tried to rid a man of an evil spirit "by the Jesus that Paul preaches". The spirit said "Paul I know and Jesus I know but who are you?"

    Acts 19:17-20 Magicians who were converted destroyed their valuable but evil books, rather than sell them, because they refused to profit from that which was wrong.

    The results of each of these occurrences was awe and righteousness within men and praise and strength to the name of the Lord. The miracles and the response of the people proved to others that the Lord's word was true and awesome.

    Activity: Who am I? (give students clues one by one to see if they can guess who you are.)

    1. I am a Benjamite
    2. I studied under Gamaliel
    3. I am an apostle
    4. I preached to many Gentiles
    5. Barnabas accompanied me on one of my journeys
    6. I met Jesus on the road to Damascus
    7. I used to be called Saul
    Sing:The New Testament Song

    Craft: Make a tent from paper materials. pattern

    True or False
    1. Priscilla and Aquilla met a man named Apple.                  F
    2. Everyone at Ephesus accepted Paul's teaching.              F
    3. Paul taught in an auditorium for two years.                        T
    4. God worked many miracles through Paul.                         T
    5. Sceva's sons successfully cast out the demon.                 F
    Memory Work:
    Acts 19:11 And God was performing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul.

    Acts 19:17 When this became known to all residents of Ephesus, both Jews and Greeks, everyone was awestruck; and the name of the lord Jesus was praised.
    Concentration using Paul concentration pictures
    Review Questions for gameboard

     linguistic questions
    1. Name three individuals in the lesson.
    2. Recite the memory verse.
    3. The seven sons of _________ tried to exorcise a demon.
      activity questions
    1. Have student locate Ephesus on a map.
    2. Have student locate and read Revelation 28:1.
    3. Have student lead class in singing Oh the B-I-B-L-E
      emotion questions
    1. What was the reaction of those who saw the miracles performed by Paul?
    2. How did the congregation treat Apollos?
    3. Were the magicians happy or sad to burn their books?
    application questions
    1. How should we approach those who are teaching the incomplete truth?
    2. How should we react to the teaching and work of the Lord? (with faith and praise, righteousness and awe)
    3. How should we react when obeying the Lord costs us worldly things?
    fact questions
    1. What occupation did Paul share with Aquilla and Priscilla?
    2. What was Apollos preaching before he met Aquilla and Priscilla?
    3. How long did Paul teach in Tyrannus' auditorium?
    review questions
    1. Who received praise from Paul's miracles?
    2. Describe two or three different methods Paul used to reach others with the truth.
    3. Did the magicians burn their books in private?