Jesus is Crucified

To Remember: Jesus died for our sins


- killing a person by hanging them on a cross with nails

Lesson  (See also lesson on Jesus' Death and Easter Program/Skit)
Read the passages from scripture that relate the events of Jesus' trials and crucifixion. 

True or False

1.    A man named Simon carried Jesus' cross part of the way. T
2.    Jesus was crucified alone. F
3.    Jesus asked God to avenge His unfair death. F
4.    One of the thieves recognized that Jesus is the Messiah. T
5.    Miracles occurred as Jesus died. T

Life of Jesus Bingo
Review Questions (can be used with gameboard)

  linguistic questions
1. Who did Jesus cry out to on the cross? God the father
2. Name two people who saw Jesus on the cross. (soldiers, two thieves, His mother, John)
3. Describe a crucifixion.

   activity questions
 1. Act out the soldiers rolling dice for Jesus' robe.
2. Hold your arms out to your side as long as you can. See how heavy they get?
3. Draw the temple veil torn in two?

  emotion questions
1. What are some feelings Jesus may have felt during His crucifixion? embarrassment, discouragement, anger, sorrow,...
2. How do you think Mary felt? distressed, sorrowful, helpless, distraught
3. How do you think God felt? (pleased with his Son, sorrowful for Jesus' pain, angry at mankind)

 application questions
 1. If Jesus asked God to forgive those who killed him, how should I treat those who hurt me?
2. If Jesus had to die for our sins, how serious is sin?
3. Is there anything I can suffer that Jesus won't understand?

 fact questions
1. What miracles occurred while Jesus died? (earthquake, the temple veil tore in two, darkness for 3 hours, dead came out of the grave)
2. What did the soldiers do instead of breaking Jesus' legs? (pierced his side)
3. What was on Jesus' head? a crown of thorns

review questions
1. Why did they place a sign "King of the Jews" on Jesus' cross? to mock His claim to kingship, and to indicate the charge against him
2. How did the soldiers mock Jesus as a prophet? ("tell us who hit you")
3. What did they offer Jesus when he was thirsty? vinegar on a sponge

Memory Work Acts 2:36 Therefore let all the house of Israel know assuredly, that God hath made that same Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both Lord and Christ.