Bible Bingo Interactive

Books of the Bible bingo cardMaterials needed:
  1 set of Bingo sheets
  1 set of flash cards
   (some books need to be repeated)
  3 person teams
  3 tables per team
  1 large room

            1 table has the flashcards
            1 table has at least 3 bingo cards
            1 table is the finish line for filled out bingo cards
            1 person stationed at the flashcard table
            1 person stationed at the bingo card table (to be filled out)
            1 person to be runner

Object of the game is to fill out “bingo” on at least 3 different cards and have them delivered to the final table by the runner.

The person at the Bingo Bible table calls out for a flashcard to the flash card table person - who then hands the card to the runner. The runner takes the card to the Bingo Bible table.

The cycle repeats itself until one Bible bingo card has a bingo then the runner takes that one Bible bingo card to the finish line table. He has to make a trip for each Bible bingo card filled out and has to have the flash cards with it. More than one Bible bingo card can be worked on at a time, but only one Bible bingo card can be transferred to the finish line table at a time. The first team to complete all Bible bingo cards at his table and transfers them by the runner to the finish line table wins.

The problem is that there are limited Bible bingo opportunities between the flashcard table and the Bible bingo card table. If you use the wrong flashcard on the wrong Bible bingo card you will not finish all three or more Bible bingo sheets on your table. The benefit then of the caller of the Bible bingo table is to send a sheet to the line when he/she is certain he does not need a particular flashcard on another Bible bingo sheet.

To make game easier or harder, you can add identical books to the flashcard set.

Another twist is to have the cards face down and only turn up one at a time until the right flashcard that is asked for by the caller is found.

To quicken the game have all cards face down and arranged in order  or face up to make it even quicker.

You can play the game either by timing it and/ or by competing teams.

If you have the room all teams can play at the same time.