Don't Worry, Be Happy
To Remember: God will take care of you if you obey Him


  • Trust: depending on God, believing in Him
Lesson - Read Matthew 6:25-34      
Visual - picture of bird and lily

In this lesson, Jesus compares God's children to birds and flowers. Do birds work for a living? No - they find food rather than buying it like we do. Who provided for the food that the birds find? God did. Could birds get food if not for Him? No. If God makes sure that the birds have food to eat, will He take care of us, too? Yes. We are much more important than birds. God will always provide for His children, because He loves us.

Jesus also talks about another need we have - clothing. He says that if God made the flowers of the field so beautiful that even Solomon couldn't compare to them, why would he ignore our need to be clothed. He won't. God provided for the flowers and He provides for us.

Does this mean that we can sit around and wait for clothes and food to drop from the sky? No. He provides food for the bird by providing plants and flowers, and sometimes, through humans that fill birdfeeders. He provides clothing for us by giving our families jobs that provide for us, and sometimes through friends and family that give us clothes.

Jesus said that we must put first things first. God takes care of these details so that we can concentrate on living righteously. If we ignore what God wants us to do, we will be rejecting the ways He provides for us. But if we serve Him, He will take care of the rest.

SING: Jesus Loves Me

Read Matthew 7:7-11

Use visuals of son asking father. Cut out the bread, stone, snake, and fish. Ask students which item the father will give his son.

In this section, Jesus says that we ask God for the things we need through prayer. Let's pray now.

True or False
  1. God sees everything and knows everything. T
  2. We will never suffer, because God loves us. F
  3. God cares about everything He made. T
  4. God will take care of us if we do what He wants. T
  5. Love means putting other people first. T
  6. We can tell God what we need through prayer. T
  7. The lilies and the birds are as important as we are. F
  • Craft: Make lilies from construction paper.
  • Memory Work: Books of New Testament
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