Teaching Tips for Sunday School Volunteers

New to teaching? Looking for new ways to reach your students? Below are some ideas, techniques and hard-learned lessons.

New Teachers!

Tips for Teachers
In this article are my top suggestions to new or overwhelmed Sunday school teachers. It starts...
"Get them moving Incorporate movement into the activities as much as possible. Kids will move during class. It's much better to control that movement than to let it happen "their way"..."  MORE

Jesus the Master Teacher
by Betty Belue Haynes - an article about learning from the example of the Master teacher, Jesus.

Improve Your Teaching

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Creating class material with your computer
"The computer has opened up a new world for Bible class teachers. No longer are we completely dependent on a purchased workbook series, often poorly done and unrewarding to look at compared to the other books most children are exposed to; but we can plan and create our own "workbooks," class materials, take-home papers, coloring pages and games..." MORE
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Customizing Activities to fit your class
"Do you have a large class? Just one student? Readers? Preschoolers? A Mix? Make the ideas better to fit your needs. Pay attention to what succeeds and what doesn't..." MORE

   Teacher Instruction Links

Assemblies of God USA
Breaks students down by age, how they learn and how to teach, discipline, etc.

Eldrbarry's storytelling
How to become a great storyteller, with scripts for Bible stories.

Training for teachers various aspects of teaching in Sunday School.

parenting cheat sheets$ Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets
Easy to reference, topical studies designed to help parents (and teachers) address specific topics with lessons, activities and object lessons.

"Jesus Inside"
by Dexter Quinn Y. Dar

Check this out!
Train Bible Teachers - Christian Teacher Training Resources Comprehensive resource for children's ministry leaders and their teachers. Includes multiple resources on teaching to various age levels, using specific activities, setting up the classroom and more. A lot of free material on this excellent site!