The links provided here all lead to other web sites. They are provided in the hope that they will be useful in your research. They are from various religious groups and I take no responsibility for the accuracy or doctrine of the content.

 !=I use this site all the time.   $=costs money   ~$=some items cost money

   Lessons & Worksheets

! Calvary Chapel
This curriculum covers EVERY story you could imagine. Very thorough. Lesson worksheets always include: coloring page, a crossword (with bible verses as the questions) and a maze (2 different pages with different levels of difficulty), and a walk-through the lesson with multiple choice, fill-in the blank, etc. always based on the scripture. These are great reinforcements because they only rely on scripture, and they cover every lesson you can teach. Lesson packets are in pdf and you can order a CD of the entire curriculum for FREE. Indexed by MSSS crafts. Covers Old and New Testament and available in Spanish! Now they even have a 2-K series!

! Bible Activity Worksheets
Nice, free worksheets with pictures on New and Old Testament lessons.
Blog with full lessons, lesson plans, songs, activities and more on a wide range of lessons. Great free resource!

Christianity Cove
Free lessons, crafts, activities and games for Sunday School.

Crafts, lesson plans, printables, games, coloring pages, songs, bulletin boards, and more. Part of a family of sites with education based content.

Colorful, free PDF lessons with nice illustrations for many ages in multiple languages. No index, but worth digging through.

~$ Children's Church and Sunday School Place
Lessons, games, songs, object talks, activities crafts. Some information only available to paid members. Has a section for teachers with ideas on how to prepare. Has a Spanish edition.

$ Sunday School Lessons for Children and Adults - Jesus Is All Ministries - subscription Sunday School lessons delivered weekly by email.

Keys for Kids

Topical "real-world" lessons from the Children's Bible Hour radio show, indexed by Bible reference, topic and date aired. Has a Spanish site.

Garden of Praise

Bible lessons, online activities, slideshows, songs, and games. Includes a Spanish section.

Truth for Kids

Activities, printable crafts, devotions and resources for teaching kids about Bible truths.

Old Testament Genealogy

Incredible, interactive, visual family tree of the people in the Old Testament. You've got to look at this. It will help you and your students understand who was related to whom. The Reference Section of this site has a dictionary with descriptions and often images of the places, people, animals and plants mentioned in Scripture.! Bible Crosswalk                        
Provides multiple Bible translations, concordance, Nave's Topical Bible, Hebrew and Greek Lexicons, and many other well-known resources.
Part of the HeartLight web site, Study Light provides translations, search, dictionaries and other study tools.

Bible Walks

A resident of Israel provides photos, reviews and histories of Biblical locations. Very thorough and the photos are very large and clear.
A portal for downloading curriculum, worksheets, videos, songs and more. The format allows for user ratings and reviews, which is neat. I only wish I could see the content before downloading it. Nice presentation.

$Creative Arts Store
Sells magic based object lessons with lesson plans, as well as clown supplies, puppets, science lessons, and more.

Church House Collection
A growing collection of free lessons, crafts, and many printables for Bible lessons.

The Gambrell House

Linda Gambrell designed drill kits for teaching students the Books of the Bible, days of creation, journeys of Paul, the kingdoms, judges, and more. She has the source material available as a free download! 
Free printables, lessons, and PowerPoint files for Sunday School teachers.

   Cool Multimedia                 back to top
A YouTube for Christian video

Bible Geocoding
This is a cool use of Google earth's mapping interface. Biblical text links to geographic references, which then zoom in on Google earth. Also explore Google's satellite imagery to get a visual relationship between locations. Provides overlays to compare ancient borders with modern ones.

Kids 4 Truth
Dynamations: Bible stories animated in Flash. Totally cool. Will keep the most distracted pre-teen boys engrossed.

Movies using action figures and Muppets to tell Bible tales. Very funny and well made.

This iPhone/iPad app helps kids and adults familiarize themselves with the books of the Bible with quizzes and games to help them find books.

Apps are a culture-friendly way to reach youth who are comfortable with the medium.


Kea Online Coloring Book

This online coloring page "app" has 10 Old Testament scenes to color online.

   Crafts                        back to top

$! Oriental Trading Co. icon
ells foam craft sets of many Bible scenes. They come in sets of 12 usually, and are very inexpensive. Oriental also has lots of stickers, pencils, and other cheap rewards that kids love, especially useful for Vacation Bible School.

Make custom worksheets online. The site takes your information and creates crosswords, word finds, mazes and more. You can even create and account and save your info online. The clip art has religious pictures as well.

memory cross$ Memory Cross
A unique way to present scripture and mission messages, Memory Cross sells foldable cards in various sizes that provide four different sides through folding. Available with various scriptures, or custom messages for your program.

Danielle's Place
Activities and crafts for preschool kids and readers. Lots of links.

$ Christian
Games, crafts and activities.

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Our Clip Art web site section has moved to a new page.

   Music & Audio                       back to top

Music and lyrics to many spiritual songs, including songs for kids. The web page will play the tune, or you can download special software to read the music. Provides histories when available and lyrics in alternate languages sometimes.

Audio Treasure

Offers narration of scripture for free in two translations. Can be downloaded book by book.

Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes
Catchy Bible tunes for kids, with sheet music, lyrics and sound files for free!

Songs at Sunday School
Lyrics and tunes to some classic kids songs, as well as teacher submissions.

   Idea Exchanges                   back to top

Sunday School Teachers Network
This is a mailing list edited by Sarah Keith that comes out every couple days. Members ask for and respond to requests for ideas, supplies, advice. Part of ChristianCrafters site.

Children's Ministry Today Inspiration Vault
Provides object lessons, modern parables and activities that drive a lesson home submitted by users.

   Teacher Instruction            back to top

Train Bible Teachers - Christian Teacher Training Resources
Comprehensive resource for children's ministry leaders and their teachers. Includes multiple resources on teaching to various age levels, using specific activities, setting up the classroom and more. A lot of free material on this excellent site!

Assemblies of God USA

Eldrbarry's storytelling
How to become a great storyteller, with scripts for Bible stories.

Recognize Another
A site based on learning the different ways people accept and give recognition, and how to develop a team recognition style. Great info for volunteer coordinators and for teachers to use in recognizing students.

parenting cheat sheets$ Christian Parenting Cheat Sheets
Easy to reference, topical studies designed to help parents (and teachers) address specific topics with lessons, activities and object lessons.

   Spanish Resources            back to top

Note: I do not read Spanish, so I don't have any idea of the quality of the content, but for the most part these appear to be translations of their English versions, described above.

Calvary Chapel's New and Old Testament Lessons & Worksheets

Kids' Sunday School Place

Apostolic Faith

Colorful, free PDF lessons with nice illustrations for many ages in multiple languages. No index, but worth digging through.

   Also Available                back to top

These sources either have less to offer, are more costly, or are harder to access or use than the sources above.

$ Kidology
Requires paid subscription for almost all of their resources, but there are some free samples.

Children's Ministry Magazine and Youth Ministry Magazine from Group Publishing
These are commercial sites from Group Publishing, which wants you to subscribe to their magazines and order their material. However, they do provide quite a few ideas, activities and crafts for free. Requires free registration.

Sunday School Curriculum
Stories, worksheets and more in .pdf form. The problem is, no subject index.

Fisher of Kids
Offers a free curriculum and skits: includes puppet ideas and uses "real-world" lessons.

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