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From CBD 360674: Classroom Bible Timeline, 10 Ft Classroom Bible Timeline, 10 Ft
Keep Bible events straight; on the wall and in your mind! More than 140 important people and events, including 10 key periods of Testamental history; the patriarchs; sojourn in Egypt; Exodus wanderings; judges; Saul, David, and Solomon; divided kingdom; Babylonian exile; Jerusalem rebuilding; life of Jesus; and the lives of the apostles are outlined. Four panels measure 10' x 11" total.



Adam & Eve God's Plan for Families First Sin Cain & Abel Noah Babel Abraham & Lot
  • Trading Card: Abraham large .pdf
  • Trading Card: Lot large .pdf

360267: Bible Time Line, Laminated Wall Chart
Bible Time Line, Laminated Wall Chart
By Rose Publishing

Bible Time Line shows hundreds of facts in biblical history. Includes dates of kings, prophets, battles, and key events. Compare Bible history, world history, and Middle East history side-by-side. Colorful photos and illustrations. 10 pt. type makes it easy to read. Reproducible worksheets and handouts on the back. Measures 19" x 26" and is laminated for durability.







98133X: NIV Ten Commandments (pictures), Laminated Wall Chart
NIV Ten Commandments (pictures), Laminated Wall Chart
By Rose Publishing

The Ten Commandments (New International Version) helps children and youth understand how God's rules apply to their lives. Includes the "promise" about honoring parents that goes with the fifth commandment. The teaching pictures help them understand concepts like "no other gods" and "no graven images." This chart will help students memorize the Ten Commandments, and make the commandments relevant for today. Reproducible worksheets include teaching tips and ways to apply the commandments to your life. Laminated. 19.5" x 26".

05547X: Apples to Apples, Bible Edition Game

Apples to Apples, Bible Edition Game

Expand your "core" knowledge of Christian history with this hilarious, award-winning game! Apples to Apples ® Bible Edition brings the award winning card and party game, Apples to Apples®, to the Christian community. Players will delight in the clever comparisons while expanding their knowledge of the Bible. Comparing people, places, things, and events, players match their cards with the judge's. The closest match wins the round. But you've got to be fast, because if your card is the last one on the table, you lose! Inside you'll find 432 Red Apple cards, 144 Green Apple cards, 2 card trays and quick play rules. Games are fast--about 20 to 30 minutes per game, and it's an easy game to learn. Recommended for 4 to 10 players, ages 9 and up.

































28253: Daniel Colouring Book

Daniel Colouring Book
With the extra detail and block words for coloring in, this book challenges children to develop their hand eye coordination that little bit further. With the example of Daniel who obeyed, followed, loved and trusted in God, this book is an excellent way to introduce children to the human interest stories of the Bible as well as showing God's interest in us. Recommended for ages 6 to 8.

Abraham's Sons Sodom & Gomorrah Abraham offers Isaac
  • Trading Card: Isaac large .pdf
Rebekah Jacob & Esau
  • Trading Card: Esau  large .pdf
  • Trading Card: Jacob  large .pdf
Isaac Blesses Jacob Jacob Marries Leah and Rachel Joseph's Coat Potiphar Joseph Interprets the Butler and Baker's Dreams  Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dreams Joseph's Brothers go to Egypt   Baby Moses Moses leaves Egypt  Moses and the Burning Bush    
  • Trading Card: Moses  large .pdf
  • Trading Card: Aaron  large .pdf
God Sends Plagues Upon Egypt   


Awesome video by Calvary Baptist Simpsonville dramatizing the entire Exodus/Wandering story.

free sunday school Exodus gameboard: click for larger image Crossing the Red Sea Manna from Heaven
  • Trading Card: Manna large .pdf
Water from a Rock and Victory from a Rod Approaching God at Mount Sinai The Golden Calf The Ten Commandments The Tabernacle Nadab & Abihu / Miriam The Twelve Spies Korah Rebels / Moses Sins
  • Trading Card: Korah  large .pdf
The Brazen Serpent Balaam and the donkey Moses' Last Days
  • Trading Card: Joshua  large .pdf
Rahab Crossing Jordan Jericho Achan Gibeonites Joshua's Last Days


First Judges of Israel Deborah Gideon  Samson Ruth
  • Lesson Text: Ruth by Betty Belue Haynes
  • Trading Card: Ruth large .pdf
Samuel Israel Demands a King   

The United Kingdom

The Rise and Fall of King Saul David and Goliath David Flees (includes Jonathon) David Spares Saul
  • Trading Card: David large .pdf
Saul's End David Becomes King David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem (includes Mephibosheth) David and Bathsheba Absalom's Rebellion David's Last Days Solomon Becomes King (includes request for wisdom) Solomon Builds the Temple Solomon's End

The Divided Kingdom

Elijah the prophet proves Baal false Elijah is fed by ravens Ahab and Jezebel Elisha   Good Kings of Israel and Judah: Josiah & Joash Bad Kings of Israel and Judah   .pdf take home sheets The Prophets of Israel and Judah   .pdf take home sheets Hosea Jonah
  • Jonah   take home sheets .pdf
  • Lesson Text: Jonah by Betty Belue Haynes
  • Trading Card: Jonah large .pdf

Judah's Captivity and Return

Daniel Refuses the King's Food Daniel Interprets Dreams   .pdf take home sheets Shadrach, Meschach and Abednego Daniel and the Lion's Den   .pdf take home sheets Ezekiel   .pdf take home sheets Nebuchadnezzar Return to Jerusalem   .pdf take home sheets Esther   .pdf  take home sheets



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