Sunday School Incentive Bingo

Keep students engaged throughout the week with this multi-week Bingo activity. Provide each student a Bingo card. Give them a set period of time (for example, four weeks) to complete enough boxes to get Bingo. Upon getting Bingo, provide them with some incentive, whether it be prizes, points, a party, etc.

Have teachers or parents initial a box to prove the activity has been completed. The pdf file includes 24 unique Bingo cards, 2 cards per page.

Download, Print, and Cut by clicking on the design you like.

Download, Print, and Cut classic themed bingo
24 unique cards (24 unique)
two per page


Download, print and cut rainbow themed cards
24 unique cards
two per page

This design offers spaces above and below the cards where you can type in a title, or instructions, using Adobe Reader.

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