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Books of the Bible

Help students memorize books of the Bible with these Books of the Bible flashcards. Each card has the name of the book in a legible font, with a unique graphic. Use for drills, put-in-order games, concentration, and more. Images match the Bible Trading Cards for consistency.

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Color Adobe PDF files for printing onto perforated business card stock or paper. The last page has "backs" to conceal the front if using for concentration or other games. (3.5"x2").

Old & New Testaments

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How to Use

Great for all ages

  • Preschoolers can associate the names to the pictures before they can read.
  • These cards use easy-to-read fonts for beginning readers.
  • Graphics on the cards match lessons and Trading Cards
  • Laminate or adhere to magnets
  • See also: Bingo cards using the same images.
  • See a list of why these images were chosen for each book
Memorization Games
Lay the cards out on a table in order. Point to each in turn and have the students say the card. Help them learn to pronounce the names correctly. After reviewing all the cards, turn a few random cards over. Review the whole list again, depending on the students to say the names of the over-turned cards. Turn more over each time until the students can repeat the whole set.

Mix up the set and give the class a time limit to get as many in order as possible. Divide the class into teams if you have lots of students and give each team a set.

Adhere the cards to magnets and use a cookie sheet or magnetic white board to put the cards in order.

More memory activities...

Make two sets to make a concentration game. Make the students pronounce each name as they turn them over. For older kids, ask students a review question when they find a matching set. To help keep them from seeing through the cards, print the second side (available above).

Review Game contributed by helpful reader Paula
With the books of the Bible cards, after they have been passed out (depending on class size, each student can have at least 3 cards), the teacher can name a book, a story that is found in one of the books, an animal, a place, etc. and whoever has it puts it down on the table. It can be done in teams and the team that gets all cards on the table first wins. Of course, don't give out all the cards and randomly give info.

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Thanks to these great volunteers who provided the foreign language translations!

Karen Anzenberger

Tammy Clodgo

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