Absalom's Rebellion

To Remember: Beauty and popularity do not make one valuable

Lesson     2 Samuel 14-18
  • 2 Samuel 15:4 Absalom’s lie
  • Absalom had killed his brothers
  • Joab helped Absalom get back into Jerusalem
  • Absalom betrayed his father
  • Took over kingship
  • David fled, his servants helped
    • Act Out: Hushai gave bad advice to Absalom
  • David escapes
  • Absalom is caught and killed
  • David grieved greatly
Activity: "Mom or Dad Says": played like Simon Says, only use Mom or Dad

Sing: Be careful little feet

Craft: cut out round paper heads, use crimped paper, yarn etc to make Absalom’s long hair.

Memory Work:
2 Samuel 15:6b "So Absalom stole the hearts of the men of Israel."
True or False
  1. David had a loving family. F
  2. Absalom "honored" his father. F
  3. David loved his children. T
  4. Joab always considered David’s feelings first. F
  5. The people loved David. T
  6. Absalom was beautiful inside & out. F
Review Questions for gameboard

 linguistic questions
  1. Define betray.
  2. Define forgive.
  3. Define reign.
  activity questions
  1. Draw a throne.
  2. Act out David fleeing.
  3. Act out Absalom being caught.
  emotion questions
  1. David’s children caused him _______.
  2. Absalom’s death made David feel __________.
  3. Is God peaceful or argumentative?
application questions
  1. If we want to be like God, we should act _____.
  2. How do we honor our parents?
  3. How do we make peace at home?
fact questions
  1. Who was Absalom?
  2. Who helped, then killed, Absalom?
  3. Describe Absalom physically?
review questions
  1. How was Absalom caught?
  2. How did Absalom become popular?
  3. How did David gain time to escape?