Adam & Eve

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Main Points to Remember
  1. God made man.
Vocabulary Words
Eden: Beautiful garden.
Prayer we thank you for all the wonderful things you've made
There were two special trees in the garden. One of these trees was the “Tree of life.” The other was the “Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” When God put man in the garden, He told them about all the trees...
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  1. Angels made man. F
  2. Animals are more important than people. F
  3. Man has no obligations to God. F
  4. Man is made in God’s image. T
  5. Man can tame all animals. T
Books of OT. Round Robin: toss stuffed animal and review Genesis through Deuteronomy.
"Let us make man in our own image." Genesis 1:26
Craft: Make a mobile from the items on the dominion chart.
hand motion story

Garden of Eden

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Words Motions
There was a man Hold up first finger of one hand
and there was a woman Add first finger of second hand
and there was a big tree Outline a big tree with hands
and what was in the tree? Hands out questioning
a snake! first fingers where snake fangs would be

Review Dominion Chart/puzzle

Object lesson:
Have students make a small clay object. Discuss which is more powerful, the object or the person who sculpted it. The maker has the power. We must remember that our maker has the power and we owe him our obedience.

Review Questions
(can be used with gameboard)
 linguistic questions
  1. What is a man’s soul or spirit? Not physical, the eternal part of man
  2. What’s an image? A copy, something that looks like another
  3. Define "rule over"? Control, make the decisions for
  activity questions
  1. Put together the dominion puzzle.
  2. Act out Adam naming the animals
  3. Trace the chain of authority on the dominion chart
  emotion questions
  1. How should we feel about being made in God’s image? Honored, proud
  2. How do you think God feels with men prefer to consider themselves "grown up" monkeys, rather than children of God? Disappointed, angry, sad, embarrased
  3. Is man different than the rest of creation? Yes - we have an eternal soul made like God’s
application questions
  1. How should we treat the earth and the animals? With respect and car, but not worship
  2. Who are we responsible to? God, not angels, men or the earth
  3. Is our life on earth our only existence? No - our soul will continue forever
fact questions
  1. Who is above all and in all? God
  2. Who was made lower than the angels? Man
  3. Who rules over plants and animals? Man
review questions
  1. Did man evolve from lesser animals? No - God formed him by his hand from the dust
  2. How should we treat the bodies God gave us? With care and respect, to do his will
  3. Is man to worship or pray to angels or other men? No