Is it I, Lord?

Match the apostles name to information about him.
Matthew 10:2-4, Acts 1:26, Galatians 7:1

James I was renamed by Jesus to a name that means rock.
Judas Iscariot I was once a tax collector
Philip I betrayed my Lord
Andrew I was seen by Jesus under the fig tree
Matthew I was called the apostle Jesus loved
Thomas I brought Nathaniel to Jesus
James the Less I saw Jesus on the road to Damascus
Simon Peter I am brother to John and son of Zebedee
John I was chosen by lot after Judas died
Paul I am the son of Alphaeus
Simon I am brother to Peter
Nathaniel / Bartholomew I wanted to see Jesus' scars after he arose
Thaddeus I am a Canaanite
Matthias I am also called Lebbaeus


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