Name that Object

List attributes of an object one at a time until students guess what it is.

  1. serves as a compass, mirror, and lamp for our life
  2. has all the answers
  3. available almost anywhere on earth
  4. recorded by many men
  5. thousands of years old
  6. divided into two sections
  7. a collection of books
  8. written by God
  9. tells the story man from creation to judgment
  10. the Bible
  1. leads men from God
  2. can take the form of anything
  3. has eyes, but it cannot see
  4. God hates it
  5. tool of Satan
  6. created by man
  7. takes first place in man's life
  8. worshipped by foolish men
  9. has many names including Baal and Molech
  10. an idol
  1. once was the only escape for man
  2. one way in, one way out
  3. designed by God
  4. form of transportation
  5. operated over a year
  6. temporary home to eight people
  7. temporary home to all animals
  8. made of gopher wood
  9. built by Noah
  10. the ark





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